Dimensions of Death

What is death?

Do we disappear from existence or continue in another form?

Are we re-incarnated or do we have one life and that’s it?

Do we remain a unique being on a transformational journey or do we live on only in the hearts and minds of those who knew and loved us?  

Do we return to the source, God, nirvana, whatever name we give the Mystery that lies on the other side of death, or is death a dark flight down into oblivion?

There is no single answer to ‘what is death?’ Death is as multi-dimensional as the life that precedes it. In our modern world we have become complex individuals and different parts of us die differently. And there are no objective answers to such questions anyway, only the answers each of us chooses to give. This is because what is being addressed is a person not an event. Ultimately our life is our answer to ‘what is death?’

Our life continually evolves. This means there can be no absolute answers to questions about either life or death - even our own answers will change as we do. And any exploration of death is also an exploration of life, because death is in life. Life and death are inextricably entangled.

Death is intrinsic to life. Life would have no meaning without death. Life would be banal, insignificant and meaningless if it never ended. Without death we would not be driven to create anything, freedom would become worthless, and there would be no love and no need for love. Death renders life almost unbearably meaningful.

God announced that he would answer any question.

A young man rushed forward and asked. ‘What happens when we die?’

God killed him.

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